"If you're looking for a customised, non-traditional, anything-is-possible ceremony that you and your guests will remember for years to come - Alex can't be beat."

Alex Crampton Celebrant west Wales Penbryn Humanist

Photography Camilla Greenwell

Dream Job

I went into the world of theatre because of the way it brings people together. And looking back, I realise that I've always been interested in social rituals. When a show really works it's a transcendental experience, and it changes everyone present. The thrill of that is what I've felt through every ceremony I've ever done - although it's always different, because people are infinitely different. 


When I'm in a ceremony, I'm always struck by the amazing feeling between people who want to connect with each other. Everyone present is bringing positivity. Working at the core of that is an intense and incredible thing.


I like to think of weddings as Love Parties. And that's not trivialising weddings! Love, laughter & partying make the world a better place. 


Photography Camilla Greenwell

"Alex was a fantastic celebrant. Her planning helped give us new ideas, really envision the ceremony and stay true to humanist principles... The ceremony was everything we wanted; fun, informal and a true reflection of who we are as a couple. I cannot recommend Alex enough." 

"Alex was fantastic from start to finish... the vows we developed with Alex were perfect. The advice she provided was priceless. 

Photography Brit Rene

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