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"We knew Alex was probably the right person to marry us from reading her website, and after speaking with her on Skype from Australia - shortly after we got engaged - we knew for certain that she was the girl for the job! 


My first impression of Alex was that she was warm, funny and passionate about doing a great job for us. She asked lots of great questions to ensure that she got the vibe right, made detailed notes on the progression of our relationship and retained an impressive amount of detail despite months between meetings! 


Alex's questions unexpectedly (but in an enjoyable way) got us to sit down, take a breather and explore important deep topics together that kept the reasons we were getting married at the forefront of our minds at the height of the wedmin frenzy! She also helped us to write special, meaningful vows when we got stuck with putting into words the promises we wanted to make to one another. We both felt that the result was a well thought out, truthful, engaging and humorous ceremony which captured our time together and our hopes for the future perfectly.


On the day, Alex commanded everyone's attention with ease and delivered our ceremony perfectly. So many guests commented on how much they enjoyed how different it was to a normal wedding ceremony, whilst still feeling so special. Whilst sadly humanist weddings are not legal yet, the ceremony held far more gravitas and importance compared to our legal ceremony which had taken place the day before. We will never forget it and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a personal and special wedding ceremony that is a bit different!


Thank you Alex!


"Alex was fantastic from start to finish. From our first phone call we quickly felt completely at ease with handing over the direction of our ceremony to her. She was very inquisitive about our relationship and our story and was passionate about genuinely getting to know us as a couple rather than simply capturing material. The vows we developed with Alex were perfect. The advice she provided was priceless.
Her delivery on the day was great too. She was clear, engaging, authoritative and humorous. Many of our guests remarked on how well the ceremony was written and delivered. I'd definitely recommend Alex to anyone wanting a personalised cere

Thanks again for helping to make our day so special."


"We also just wanted to say again how truly grateful we are, the ceremony was absolutely perfect, everything we wanted and more, personal, warm, funny and honest and it wouldn't have been like that without you're hard work and input. We honestly enjoyed every single tiny bit of the chats and 'homework' we had with you and it was actually a really excellent way of having fun and connecting during in what can quickly become a stressful busy time of planning, planning and planning! Thank you!!"

Lily & Nick

Photography Darren Musgrove

Photography Carla Bonnet

"If you want your wedding to be more about a joining of two people, as equals, a humanist ceremony is a powerful way to do so. As your celebrant, you could not ask for anyone more intuitive and professional than Alex. Despite conducting all of our conversations via skype, Alex still managed to capture the tone of what we wanted from a ceremony of marriage. We felt like we were in capable hands, and she provided much insight and experience into things we hadn't considered.

Alex is incredibly personable and we were delighted to have her as a guest for dinner on the evening of our wedding, she fit right in! She is very professional to work with, whilst bringing a caring element that makes the day seem as special as it should. The preparation and care that had gone into the ceremony was very clear, and it went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Alex!"

Aileen & Dave

“Thank you Alex for bringing your love and energy into our house and making our wedding ceremony so poignant, meaningful, touching, and yet jovial and fun. It was one of the most special moments of our lives which we, our friends, and our families will always remember.

Without exception, everyone has commented on the professional yet informal, friendly and inclusive ceremony. You helped us feel very relaxed, and we enjoyed it enormously."

Jane & Gerry

"Alex was a fantastic celebrant. Her planning helped give us new ideas, really envision the ceremony and stay true to humanist principles... The ceremony was everything we wanted; fun, informal and a true reflection of who we are as a couple. I cannot recommend Alex enough."



Photography Britt Rene

"Our ceremony was tailored to us and really reflected our personalities through all aspects of the event.  Alex was sure to be inclusive of everyone attending, and there was even a quote from Conan the Barbarian - a difficult feat to achieve for a wedding.  The entire ceremony truly spoke to who we are as a couple.  She worked with us to really get to the crux of our story and how to make our ceremony individually tailored to the experience we wanted.  Not only were we, the couple, very happy, but even the more traditional, religious attendees were impressed with the care, love, and attention to detail that Alex put into our ceremony.  


Alex's strength comes in her theatrical delivery, her drive to custom tailor our ceremony, and her warm, lovely nature makes her a pleasure to work with.  If you're looking for a customized, non-traditional, anything is possible ceremony that you and your guests will remember for years to come - Alex can't be beat."


"Alex brought to life, the wedding ceremony of our dreams. With a slightly complicated and somewhat contradictory set of wants and wishes from my partner and I, Alex was able to find balance and compromise, creating what was to become one the most touching, heart warming hours of my life, to date.

 It truly was everything we could have wished for. Meaningful, personal, private, poignant yet relaxed and jovial. As a shy and reserved man, the ceremony did bring up some anxiety in me, but Alex took that away. She made me feel at home and at ease in the tipi where the ceremony was held.

Only one week after our wedding, my Grandfather passed away, He couldn’t be there to see me get married because he hadn’t been well. There was only one person I knew that would have the ability to help guide me and my family through the time of his funeral, giving him the goodbye that he deserved. For me, having Alex lead that ceremony was my way of bringing my wedding to Pops during his passing.

Alex held the space with a respect and power that my Granddad would have appreciated greatly. Though a very difficult time for us all, Alex connected with the entire family with a familiarity that felt like decades in the making.

I cannot recommend Alex enough; she has guided me through two of the most impactful periods of my life, on both sides of the emotional spectrum. I am eternally grateful for the love, respect and understanding that Alex offered and her skill in curating the experience we could have only dreamt of. I honestly consider Alex to be part of my family.

I promise you can trust Alex to make your dream come true." 


Photography Rosie Hardy

"When we asked Alex to perform the ceremony for our woodland wedding we knew she would be entertaining and trusted that she would also be sincere and heartwarming. What we hadn't anticipated was the dedication and vision she brought to the role. 

Alex initiated conversations in the months leading up to the wedding that drew out our thoughts, feelings and hopes. Her perceptiveness and natural empathy allowed her understand exactly what our wedding meant to us as a couple. Coupled with her own creativity and invention, this meant she designed and expressed something that was perfectly pitched, engaging and heartfelt. From her words to her outfit to the music, she considered everything with detail and understanding. She wove together a narrative that, delivered with panache on the day itself, created an atmosphere of goodwill, openness and joy that carried our wedding party through till dawn. We have no reservations in saying that in conducting our ceremony she gave us memories that we'll forever cherish."

Olivia & Tom

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