"Alex's questions unexpectedly (but in an enjoyable way) got us to sit down, take a breather and explore important deep topics together that kept the reasons we were getting married at the forefront of our minds ... 

So many guests commented on how much they enjoyed how different it was to a normal wedding ceremony, whilst still feeling so special. Whilst sadly humanist weddings are not legal yet, the ceremony held far more gravitas and importance compared to our legal ceremony which had taken place the day before. We will never forget it."


Special powers

For most of my life I've lived in London, directing and producing theatre productions. I come with a bag of trade tricks and the skills to conjure a little theatrical magic.

Photography Tim Bishop

Telling your story

I specialise in working with writers to develop new scripts so that they can communicate their ideas in the most powerful way possible. At the heart of your wedding ceremony are your ideas about love, and how you want to commit to the person you are marrying. We will tune a ceremony script that brings those ideas to life.

Creative confidence

I empower people to find confidence in their style of creativity, expressing their ideas in the way that only they can. 


Directing theatre productions is finding the right composition of words, lights, music and energy to make an idea fly. It's getting everyone in one space to connect to an idea by feeling it. I can help pull all elements of your ceremony into focus to take us on a journey. 


Crowd response

The specific blend of you, your guests and your venue is going to create a dynamic that we'll only feel out on the day. I know how that works and can steer the energy of a crowd so that they are relaxed, receptive, and firmly in 'fun' mode.

Fly high

I thrive under the pressure of live events. I fell in love with theatre because of it's buzz, and was blown away when that feeling came back at my first wedding. I know how intense that can be, and how you can manage your nerves on the day so you can enjoy it too!

Photography Carla Bonnet

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