You might have experienced Humanist ceremonies for yourself, and come into this with strong ideas about what you are are after - or you might have a vague understanding and are just curious to know more.


Different celebrants all practice their craft in different ways, and so the pricing can also vary widely. The process almost always involves a lot of “you”, because it is so personalised, and so there is a 'you get out what you put in' factor to this way of composing a wedding ceremony. 

So – how do we value that? A wedding is built on the most essential and beautiful of life – loving relationships. The industry, however, often abuses that with inflated prices. The wedding machine can suck the best of us in – but perhaps we can resist that!


I am interested in exploring alternative ways of doing things. Working on a wedding ceremony is an emotional exchange, and is beyond the monetary. I accept money for the work I do, but I'm also interested in a service exchange. I also want to share the responsibility of deciding how much the process is worth.

This is my proposed booking & pricing process:

  • you tell me what you need (and if you don't know what you need, your initial ideas and imaginings around what you want your ceremony to be)

  • I tell you how I'd respond to that, with an estimation of the time and work involved, and what we need to do in terms of getting me there, and any overnight stay

  • you then tell me how you value that – what you think that is worth (either in monetary terms, or in an exchange of service, or perhaps a mix of the two? Or something else?)

  • I tell you whether I agree and am happy to do it on those terms

  • If agreed: we decide a payment schedule, sign a simple contract - and I am booked!

I am based in west Wales, but work internationally and am open to travelling and exploring new places. The preparation work can all be done remotely (although I will try to connect with you as much as possible!)

Any other questions?

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